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What You Need to Know Before a Drain Inspection

What You Need to Know Before a Drain Inspection

A clogged plumbing system with waste backup can make even the coziest of homes uninhabitable. It’s crucial to take prompt action when it happens. But before taking further steps, it’s also important to determine the underlying cause of the clog. If the clogged pipes are underground, knowing the reason behind the clogging can be difficult without proper tools.

Contacting a professional for a thorough pipe inspection is your first step towards finding a solution. SLB Pipe Solutions has an expertly trained team ready to step in and solve your drainage issues and cater to all your drain inspection needs.

From the leading provider of sewer camera inspection in Bloomington, IN, here is what you need to know before a drain inspection.

Understanding Drain Inspection

One surefire way of establishing the actual problem during a drain inspection is through the use of a sewer camera. The camera is fitted with a built-in light for a clear visual of the pipes. The state of the system is then seen on a handheld screen. With this plumbing inspection, we can establish the cause of the clogging and discuss the best possible course of action. The most common known issues of drainage clogging are debris, broken pipes, and sagging pipes.

When to Call for Drain Inspection Services

Clogged pipes are one of the most common issues that can necessitate an immediate sewer inspection. However, you don’t need to wait until you are experiencing sewage backup to seek help from plumbing inspection service providers. It is advisable to have your pipes checked often to avoid unforeseen drainage challenges. Even though your drainage system seems okay, it’s prudent to have a scheduled inspection at least once a year.

Working closely with a team of qualified professionals will help salvage your draining system and resolve issues whenever the need arises. Contact SLB Pipe Solutions today for a free estimate!

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