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CIPP Pipe Lining & Relining Services

Top-Notch CIPP Pipe Lining and Relining in Indianapolis, IN

SLB Pipe Solutions specializes in a single access pipe relining system that allows homeowners and businesses to get their pipes fixed without having to resort to expensive excavation. If you need a reliable pipe lining company that will ensure your pipes are safe years in the future, we're here to help! 

Signs You Might Need Our Help

Your sewer drain might give you subtle signs that it is time to call us for CIPP pipe lining and relining in Indianapolis, IN. These include:

  • Gurgling noises from sinks and fixtures
  • Sinks and showers backing up
  • Foul odors coming from the drains
  • Persistent wet spot in the yard

How CIPP Pipe Lining and Relining Works

Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP) is a process of cast iron pipe lining to help repair a sewer pipe that is cracked or damaged. The sewer pipe lining process begins with a camera inspection to visualize the problem. Next, a lining that has been coated with epoxy is threaded through the pipe. The lining is inflated and allowed to cure overnight. Once the lining hardens, the equipment is removed, and the sewer pipe is ready to use.

Our cured-in-place pipe lining and the relining system works with all lining applications, including your main line and building service laterals. Sewer pipe lining, cast iron pipe lining, you name it, we line it. First, a camera inspection is performed. This is the most crucial step in repairing the sewer line. Our inspection team will provide a video showing the existing state of the line. This will highlight potential problems that will require CIPP pipe lining.

Next, our high-pressure water jet cleans out host pipes using drain cleaner or hydro jetter. The line must first be cleaned of debris in order to provide a proper surface for the liner to stick to. Then a video pipe inspection is performed to determine if the pipes are eligible for cured-in-place pipe. We make use of a polypropylene or polyurethane coated liner that is saturated in resin to expand the pipes without the use of digging. The process utilizes only steam, air or water. The resin is composed of polyester or epoxy and is cured in place during the expansion process by the heat coming from the steam, air or water. The entire process takes about 3 hours. The calibration tube is then removed, leaving behind the new pipe. Afterward, another video inspection is performed to figure out if any further changes need to be made. Once the piping has been restored, it is good for at least another 50 years without extra repairs.

Advantages of CIPP Pipe Lining

This is a low-risk process and does away with the extensive digging and excavation. CIPP pipe lining is made much easier and more convenient with our method of relining. Methods such as excavation can risk damage to underground utilities, and avoiding all of this can save you up to 75% of the costs that open-cut methods can amount to. 

Our pipe lining and relining method results in a smaller carbon footprint than other methods and can be completed in just one day! Our pipe lining company will be able to fix pipelines measuring 2 inches to 18 inches in diameter with minimal disturbance of the surrounding area. Cured-in-place pipe is able to manage 22, 45 and 90 degree bends without difficulty. We offer CIPP pipe lining in the following areas:

Trust Only SLB Pipe Solutions

SLB Pipe Solutions is a locally-owned company with a reputation for dependable service. Our team has the latest equipment and is trained to get the job done right the first time. If your sewer is giving you signs that you might need CIPP lining and trenchless pipe repair services, contact us, and we will get one of our team members out to you quickly.

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No matter the lining application, SLB Pipe Solutions is one of the leading pipe lining companies in Indianapolis, IN that can assist with all types of repairs. Our team of experts is ready to help you upgrade your plumbing system. We are certified in Perma-Liner Industries materials and installation processes. Our experts have also passed the three-day quality workmanship course. Call us today or fill out our online form. We also provide:

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If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency plumbing.

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