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Trenchless Pipe Lining Bedford, IN

High-Quality Trenchless Pipe Lining Services in Bedford, IN

Trenchless sewer replacement in Bedford, IN is an umbrella term for the various methods of pipe/sewer repair, inspections, and replacement that utilize various unobtrusive, safe, and cost-effective approaches. In short, trenchless technology is a family of subsurface technological breakthroughs that allow SLB Pipe Solutions to offer better, less destructive ways of maintaining and improving your underground infrastructure. The old methods of simply digging up faulty pipes, with little to no knowledge of exactly what parts of the pipe are at fault, were extraordinarily costly and often caused more problems than it solved.

For example, a simple underground inspection may require tearing apart the concrete used to form a residential basement, compromising the architectural integrity of the building. Furthermore, the cost of such an endeavor causes many homeowners to wait until the last minute to repair their pipes, drains, and sewers. With trenchless pipe lining in Bedford, IN, the SLB Pipe Solutions team eliminates the downtime without having to break the bank.

We Specialize in Trenchless Pipe Repair in Bedford, IN

Trenchless pipe replacement in Bedford, IN consists of inserting a pipe within a pipe, leading to a brand new one, guaranteed by the manufacturer to last 50 years. Once our malleable mixture of tough materials is set in place by funneling it through an accessible drain, it is treated with water, oxygen, and steam in order for it to harden. This part of the process takes only hours so it is well worth the wait for something that can survive the elements for so long.

With the aid of specially crafted pipe inspection cameras, we can be even more certain of our ability to identify and fix any pipe, drain, or sewer problem. They allow us, in high definition clarity, to see the inside of your pipes and locate the points at which to clean or reinforce, giving us a personalized view of the pipe’s needs.

Hydro jetting is another technique that, for us, goes hand in hand with the trenchless piping approach but, unfortunately, is not offered by most of our competitors. What makes this method unique is that it even further reduces the need for excavation by using powerful hydro jets to clear away the toughest debris from your old pipe. The jets are so strong that they can even clear away tree roots.

After hydro jetting, if necessary, the liner will usually be administered to reinforce and to ensure that no future problems arise. We at SLB Solutions offer a one month guarantee that if your pipes malfunction again within a month, we will come back and make the repairs free of cost. This is because we believe that healthy pipes anywhere means a healthy and functioning infrastructure for us all. Whatever is the problem, we will get to the bottom of it!

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In need of trenchless pipe lining or trenchless sewer repair in Bedford, IN? Look no further than SLB Solutions, where we treat every customer’s property as though it were our own home. Contact us today to find out more information or you can fill out the online form to schedule your appointment. We also provide trenchless pipe lining services in these areas:

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