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Tree Root Invasion

Tree Root Invasion in Indianapolis, IN, and Surrounding Areas

Our team at SLB Pipe Solutions is able to offer our modern trenchless sewer repairs solutions in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Cutting-edge trenchless technology eliminates many complications often associated with plumbing repairs, such as property damage, numerous bills, and long, dirty, annoying repair projects that sometimes follow an excavation. One of the most critical facets of these projects is understanding the obstructions of the excavation process, such as the potential invasive presence of tree roots.

Tree Root Invasion in Indiana

Tree root invasions can cause serious problems for residential and commercial property owners. When you admire the landscaping around your home or business, you can’t see exactly what is disrupting the plumbing on your property. Invasive tree root issues aren’t necessarily solved by removing the trees around your property. The trenchless technology we use at SLB Pipe Solutions enable our technicians to determine where the problem is located and offer solutions to your invasive tree root issues.

SLB Tree Root Invasion Drain Cleaning

Tree Roots Damage Plumbing

Invasive tree roots can cause serious damage to your plumbing systems. The roots of trees are often strong and can grow through pipes, destroying the plumbing and unsettling the soils around the entire sewage system. The roots typically start by invading the pipes with a small crack or hole that can eventually grow into the entire piping system if not treated promptly. When the tree root invasion reaches the pipes, it will likely disrupt the flow of your water and sewage. Not only will the plumbing or your home or business be compromised by the invasion, but once the pipe beneath the property’s foundation is damaged, more roots will likely grow further through the moisture provided by the crack in the pipe. These issues are most effectively resolved with trenchless sewer system repairs.

Signs of Tree Root Invasion

In the event that you purchase a home with trees in the lot, it is recommended that you hire a plumber to conduct a camera inspection to find if any roots have invaded the plumbing system. Our team offers Indianapolis residents inspection services that determine if any roots have cracked the piping. If you are concerned about the sewage/drainage systems in your business or home, pay attention for the indicators of root invasion in your pipes, such as a gurgling toilet, a slow-draining sink or shower, visible sinkholes, or a general odour of sewage. Another typical indicator of tree root invasions into your plumbing system is a change in tree growth. If one area of your lawn or a single tree appears greener than the rest, the area may be receiving underground moisture from a crack in a pipe.

How to Prevent Tree Root Invasion

Whether you intend to act before tree root invasion occurs, or if you have just resolved your plumbing issues and want to stop additional tree roots from destroying another portion of your piping, there are some extraneous methods to eliminate invasive tree roots. If you’ve had problems with a tree or anticipate that it’s roots will breach your pipe lines over time, have the tree removed professionally and schedule sewer camera inspection once a year. Camera inspections and regular drain cleaning services allow you to can catch minor problems in the system and take care of them before they become major issues.

If you begin to notice indicators of invasive tree roots, call SLB Pipe Solutions to schedule a pipe inspection today.

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