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CIPP Lining and Relining Bloomington, IN

High-Quality CIPP Lining and Relining Bloomington, IN

Cured-in-place-pipe, or CIPP, is a process that our pipe lining company in Bloomington, IN, uses to repair different types of pipes. These include pipes used in storm and sanitary sewers. It can even be used to repair the pipes that transport drinking water. Today, around half of all pipes that are damaged are fixed using the CIPP method because it is such an effective and popular plumbing repair option. SLB Pipe Solutions uses the repair technique to rehabilitate leaking, failed, cracked, and broken pipes.

Advantages and Benefits of CIPP Pipe Lining

A major benefit of CIPP lining and relining in Bloomington, IN, is that it is a no-dig technique. We have embraced the repair method to use a liner to manufacture a new pipe inside the damaged one. To make sure that the repair is effective, we may insert a portable camera into your home’s plumbing system to confirm what type of damage is causing a problem with your pipes. This also ensures that our technicians are able to determine if there’s another issue so that we can repair everything.

Before going with the CIPP lining technique, we will make sure that your pipes are free from mineral buildups, dirt, debris, tree roots, and clogs. If any of these things are present, then the lining procedure could be impacted.

An Environmentally Friendly Option from Your Pipe Lining Company

Pipelines are usually located beneath the exterior landscaping of your property, so when pipe replacements or repairs are required, the traditional way of doing so includes using big excavation equipment to dig into the earth to reach the pipes. The CIPP lining technique allows plumping professionals to repair pipes that are under basements, driveways, trees, and your entire yard without impacting anything that may be placed over them. Sewer pipe lining in Bloomington, IN is a way to fix the problem with your pipes without upsetting the things that are on the surface.

Instead of waiting to have your sewer lines fixed, you can opt for a trenchless pipe repair that will take just a few hours to complete. The process behind CIPP lining decreases the amount of work that your pipe lining company needs to do to repair your pipes. This means that the process is not only faster, but it is also more affordable. Cast iron pipe lining in Bloomington, IN saves you even more money since you won’t have to replace or restore your home’s landscaping.

To install CIPP pipe lining in Bloomington, IN, we use a liquid resin and a liner tubing. The first step involves saturating the textile liner with a resin mixture, which is an epoxy mixed with a hardener. Next, we invert the liner into the pipe using air pressure. After this part of the process, the resin will be spread out along the exterior of the liner and alongside the wall of the pipe.

Once the inversion process is complete, our technicians will place a calibration tube into the liner so that we can cure it with ambient, hot water or steam. The curing process causes the resin to harden, resulting in a tight, smooth pipe wall that’s strong enough to resist corrosion. We may use a cutting device to reengage any plumbing connections.

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SLB Pipe Solutions uses CIPP lining to repair pipe materials like cast iron, clay, PVC, steel, concrete, and corrugated metal. The resilience and smoothness of CIPP lining improve your plumbing system’s overall flow. It also resists debris clogs and waste buildup. SLB Pipe Solutions also offers the following services in the local area:

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