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Pipe Lining Company Bedford, IN

The Leading Pipe Lining Company in Bedford, IN

It's important to always hire a plumbing company that is reliable in its service and fair in its prices, which is why SLB Pipe Solutions is the best choice for anyone who needs a trustworthy plumber in Bedford, IN. Our team is trained to be the best in customer service and practical knowledge when it comes to keeping your pipes in top condition. Our company provides some of the most cutting edge techniques to keep costs low when it comes to replacing or refitting your pipe system. SLB Pipe Solutions offers the best options in pipe repair, as well as the guarantee that your upgraded pipes will work perfectly for years.

CIPP Pipe Lining & Relining in Bedford, IN

CIPP pipe lining and refining is a new way of repairing ailing pipes that don’t require any digging or heavy equipment. It works by forming new pipes made of resin within the already existing pipes. A textile tube is run through the pipes that need repair, which is then filled with resin and hardened to leave the pipes with durable walls all the way through. This new resin pipe fulfills all the tasks of a copper pipe system and lasts long enough to provide years of unfettered service.

Trenchless Pipe Lining in Bedford, IN

Trenchless pipe lining is a similar technique that also utilizes resin to mold replacement pipes. Instead of using a sleeve, the resin material is mixed by a machine and then pumped directly into the pipes through a manhole or other entrance. The resin is shaped by blowing air through the liquid in order to create a hollow tube that will effectively carry water. Trenchless pipe lining also has the advantage of requiring no digging and can be done in under an hour. If you want to experience the benefits of new pipes, but don't want to deal with the stress of having your yard dug into, then try out one of trenchless pipe lining solutions to see how simple it is to get affordable and durable pipes.

Sewer Camera Inspection in Bedford, IN

One of the most important services that we can perform is a sewer camera inspection. We use a small camera attached to a long wire that is snaked into your pipes to check for damage and obstructions. If a blockage is found, then we can easily clear the problem via hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting in Bedford, IN

Hydro jetting uses water pressure to break up blockages and restore pipes to their proper function. Many plumbers can provide these services, but few can match our excellent pricing and attention to quality. Our plumbers take customer satisfaction seriously, so there is no doubt that all of our repairs stay in top shape for years.

SLB Pipe Solutions is a company that doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality tools and quality workers. Whether you need completely new pipes, or just help with a clogged drain, our team is equipped to bring you the best repairs available.

The next time that you are looking for a pipe lining company in Bedford, IN, look no further than SLB Pipe Solutions. Our commitment to leaving customers with the best trenchless pipe lining in Bedford, IN makes us the top choice for anybody that needs pipe repair.

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