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Top Services from Your Top Pipe Lining Company in Indianapolis, IN, and Nearby Areas

SLB Pipe Solutions offers residential and commercial pipe lining solutions with or without the need for digging. We are a full-service pipe lining company in Bloomington, IN, that provides trenchless pipe repair for home and business owners in the state as well as in neighboring areas within reasonable traveling distances. Our team of dedicated technicians is trained with the latest advancements in trenchless pipe rehabilitation and pipe bursting technologies.

Our professional pipe lining services include, but are not limited to the following:

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining

Indiana is a proud state and so are the home and business owners in Bloomington who have spent a considerable amount of time and money landscaping their yards. For those who’ve experienced sewer line replacement in the past, they know just how destructive traditional excavation practices can be. Traditional methods of sewer line repair and replacement have generally involved the use of a backhoe to dig trenches and unearth the damaged sewer piping, which destroys grass, flowerbeds, and landscaping.

Traditional excavation practices have also been known to cause significant damage to walkways and driveways, meaning additional costs are involved once the sewer pipe repair or replacement project is complete. Additionally, in some cases of traditional excavation, sections of sidewalks and public roads have to be torn up as well, this can drive the cost of a sewer line replacement well above most people’s budgets.

Here at SLB Pipe Solutions, we provide a better way with a variety of trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions that turn this already stressful situation into a more efficient and cost-effective means to fix your sewer line problems. There are several reasons why trenchless pipeline repair is a better option including:

  • Less Disruptive to Landscaping: Trenchless sewer line repair keeps landscaping intact and avoids expensive landscaping repairs to lawns, driveways, sidewalks, and public roads. This innovative method can be conducted under retaining walls, driveways, streets, yards, and foundations.
  • Saves Time: Trenchless sewer pipe repair, in most cases, can be accomplished in just one day, whereas traditional excavation can take several days.
  • Saves Money: Anytime that you have a workforce on your property, time is money, and if you factor in the excavation costs for a few days, it’s easy to see why most homeowners in Bloomington prefer the trenchless option.
  • Works in Restricted Spaces: Trenchless pipeline replacement can be performed in areas where traditional digging may not work due to restricted spaces.

Contact the Professional Pipe Lining Company

SLB Pipe Solutions often deploys two types of trenchless sewer pipe replacement: pipe bursting and pipe lining. Both of these processes start with a sewer camera inspection that reveals the exact nature of the blockage or leakage as well as the condition of the sewer pipe itself.

Our trenchless pipe lining solutions are more affordable than traditional excavation methods, and all of our work comes with a guarantee. If you want the best prices with guaranteed results for trenchless sewer line repair, replacement, and new installations, call us today. You may also fill out our form to schedule an appointment. SLB Pipe Solutions also serves the following locations:

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