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Sewer Repair Experts in Indianapolis

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Pipe Lining Company in Indianapolis, IN, and Nearby Areas

SLB Pipe Solutions takes pride in being the leading pipe lining company in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas. We offer top solutions at a price that is reasonable.

Understanding Pipe Lining

A pipe lining is basically a coating that sticks to a pipe. After it sets inside a pipe, it conceals cracks and gaps. Many liners that are used by plumbers in Indianapolis have a different consistency; however, they can patch up pipes following root invasions. As an experienced pipe lining company.

Liners are very cost-efficient because they help homeowners save cash. When compared to other repair methods, liners aren't disruptive, so you don't have to buy a replacement for a damaged pipe.

We highly recommend pipe lining in Indianapolis, IN as it's more than a repair solution. For example, it can boost a pipe's life span by enhancing its internal structure.

CIPP Pipe Lining in Indianapolis, IN

CIPP pipe liners can store the existing pipes in a plumbing system. They're commonly used during trenchless sewer repair projects. A basic CIPP lining in Indianapolis, IN, and nearby areas are made of a liquid resin that's contained in a textile tube.

All sewer repair jobs that involve this liner begin at the wet-out stage. The liner and the resin mixture are incorporated during this phase. Next, the CIPP liner is carefully inverted inside of a damaged pipe with a gust of air.

Cast Iron Pipe Lining in Indianapolis, IN

A cast iron liner is also called a drain pipe liner. It can fix a cast iron pipe that has gaps or cracks. There are many companies that make cast iron liners with advanced technologies. One company uses a proprietary technology called the Spincast System. It creates a dense film inside of a damaged drainage pipe using centrifugal force.

Cast iron liners are cured-in placed liners, and they're quite strong and flexible. These liners are always pre-cut, so they never cover up established pipe connections.

Common Signs You Need Trenchless Pipe Lining

When a pipe needs a sewer pipe lining in Indianapolis, IN, and surrounding areas, you'll notice signs in and around your home. The main signs are:

Strong gas odors: Sewer lines distribute a lot of waste throughout a residential plumbing system. The organic matter emits a strong odor, so if you ever smell gas inside or outside your home, there is a crack somewhere on a sewer line. You should never detect a gas odor from your sewer system because it's supposed to be airtight. The only place where the gas should escape is through the vent stack, which is located on the roof.

Mold growth: If mold is on your walls, a sewer line has cracked behind the paneling. Mold thrives in any environment that has high humidity. If the humidity is over 55 percent, the spores will grow.

We Offer Hydro Jetting

SLB Pipe Solutions also provides hydro jetting in Indianapolis, IN, and neighboring areas. This method is more than just a solution for clogging. It eliminates clogging completely through special equipment that releases highly pressurized water into the affected pipe.

In-Depth Sewer Camera Inspection in Indianapolis, IN, and Neighboring Areas

Our team makes sure to provide a visual pipe inspection to determine the right sewer repair service we will provide our clients, Sewer camera inspection in Indianapolis, IN, and nearby areas allow SLB Pipe Solutions to get a real-time look at the issues affecting your sewer pipes. We use high-resolution cameras inserted in small access holes to get this done.

Contact Our Pipe Lining Company

As a dedicated plumbing company, we have multiple teams that serve multiple cities in Indiana. Our team provides a wide range of quality services in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas including:

If you have a residential or commercial sewer system in one of these locations that need maintenance or repairs, contact us today. You can rely on our methods because we're sewer line repair experts in Indianapolis, IN, and nearby areas. SLB Pipe Solutions serves the following areas:

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We are a full-service trenchless pipe repair company. If you are having problems with your sewer line, we can employ all methods for full replacement or just to diagnose and locate the problem with a camera inspection, and pipe cleaning as well. Our locally owned and operated company is focused on the details to provide you the best and most economical repair for your pipelines.

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Most experience in the Trenchless Pipe Repair Industry, All methods of trenchless pipe repair, Save Landscaping, hardscapes and yard repairs using Cured-In-Place-Pipe, Provides a structural repair 100% of your sewer line from inside the house to the mainline connection.

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Pipelines that can be relined using CIPP, Sewer or storm lines from 2 inches to 18” in diameter, Pipe lines with 22, 45, 90 degree bends, Transition pipelines (lines that change in diameter), Vertical roof drains, Electrical conduit lines, Boiler return lines, Pool drain lines, Ventilation lines, Water fountain return lines.

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