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Municipal Trenchless Services

Municipal Trenchless Services in Indianapolis, IN, and Surrounding Areas

SLB Pipe Solutions proudly offers top-of-the-line trenchless municipal services. We operate within the city by employing careful calculations to ensure the security of surrounding civil and environmental life. Call SLB Pipe solutions today if you have questions or concerns about our municipal plumbing services, which are also available 24⁄7 for emergencies. We will be happy to further explain any of our practiced plumbing methods listed below.

Municipal Inspection Services

Our technicians explore pipeline issues thoroughly before using power tools on inner-city waterlines. Upon your technician’s arrival, you can expect them to:

  • Listen to your concerns and complaints
  • Ask further questions to define the nature of the problem, the pipe system, and nearby pipe systems
  • Inspect the exterior of affected areas
  • Suggest a sewer camera inspection before taking any further action

We proudly offer our outstanding services to the following locations:

municipal trenchless plumbing repair Indianapolis

Trenchless Technology: Sewer Cameras and Hydro Jets

Our technicians are trained to use the latest trenchless technology, so the diagnosis of water issues requires zero diggings. Instead, our technicians will use sewer cameras to snake through your drains and to get a first-hand look at your pipelines. Sewer cameras help technicians inspect the conditions of your pipes, and to look for any causes of obstruction. Sewer cameras also help validate conclusions that the plumber has made based on the symptoms of your plumbing issues, with no disturbance to neighboring businesses or other city water lines.

Hydro jets are devices that are regularly employed by our technicians in order to clean pipes and remove clogs quickly and efficiently. Hydro jets are another trenchless method to solve piping issues because they require no digging, and send high pressured water blasts through pipe systems in order to clean pipes and remove obstructions. Our technicians carefully assess pipes before shooting any water into them and adjust the psi accordingly.

Trenchless services are the fastest and most environmentally efficient tools plumbers have on-hand today. Call us if you have any questions about other trenchless methods we employ.

Annual Pipe-Cleaning and Prevention with SLB Pipe Solutions

Inner-city plumbing damage can be costly. When it comes to offering the best plumbing solutions, our technicians suggest prevention methods as the most important factor in stopping plumbing hang-ups before they happen. SLB Pipe Solutions will partner with you for annual municipal plumbing care, so call a technician today for information about our year-round, 24⁄7 emergency plumbing services. We can conduct a basic inspection, and from there, our technicians will recommend preventative, year-round care methods that are personalized to your location and needs.

Call SLB Pipe Solutions For High-Quality Drain Cleaning Services Today

SLB Pipe Solutions guarantees quality municipal pipe services that won’t disturb or harm other waterlines near you. We operate only using the latest trenchless technology, and apply a minimalist approach to all methods with careful attunement to your pipeline’s location. Call us today to schedule a sewer camera inspection or annual pipe cleaning services that will keep your water lines clear all year round. We also cater to several other locations in Indiana, including Anderson, IN.

SLB Pipe Solutions


If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency plumbing.

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