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Pipe Lining Company Indianapolis, IN

Trusted Pipe Lining Company in Indianapolis, IN 

If you're looking for a reliable pipe lining company in Indianapolis, IN, then we at SLB Pipe Solutions can provide you an effective answer to your search. No other pipe lining company in the local area can compete with our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We are a locally owned business that takes pride in offering a wide range of services in the Indianapolis, IN area. Whether you need a trustworthy professional for a small problem or a big one, our many areas of expertise allow us to confidently cover the job.

CIPP Pipe Lining & Relining in Indianapolis, IN

If your pipes become too damaged to repair but you don't want to go through the cost of replacing them, then Cured-in-Place-Pipe lining is the perfect repair option for you. CIPP pipe lining and refining works by creating a new pipe system within your old one. A new, inner pipe is formed through a complex technique of curing and shaping liquid resin. The resin is given its form by a liner tube that snakes its way through the old pipes. Once the liner tube has covered the damaged area, then it is filled with resin. This is a great choice for homeowners that have pipe systems that are difficult to dig up and replace since CIPP pipe repair can be done completely through manholes or other access points. The entire repair style is so quick and efficient that it can be completed in under an hour.

Trenchless Pipe Lining in Indianapolis, IN

Another low-cost, low-hassle solution for pipe replacement is trenchless pipe lining. This is another type of pipe repair that creates new pipes within already installed pipes in order to reduce the energy required to repair the system. It works by molding resin into a shape that creates a smooth set of pipes in place of the old ones. First, the resin will be mixed manually to best fit your pipes; next, the resin mixture is pumped into your damaged pipes with a portable machine. Then, hot air or water is used to shape the malleable resin into its final dimensions. Anybody that is in need of trenchless pipe lining in Indianapolis IN can rely on our team of top-grade experts.

Sewer Camera Inspection in Indianapolis, IN

Before any pipe repair, we will first perform a sewer camera inspection to ensure that all objects are cleared from the pipes. Our technicians are trained to inspect pipe systems with speed and accuracy, and always at an affordable price. If you do end up having a blockage within your pipes, then we can use our advanced hydro jetting technique to completely eliminate the obstruction.

Hydro Jetting in Indianapolis, IN

Hydro jetting works by blasting water at an intense pressure down the malfunctioning pipe or drain. Some clogs can be cured with a plumber's snake or solvent, but hydro jetting is the best fix for obstructions that are difficult to reach by traditional unclogging tools.

Not many companies in our line of business can match our myriad repair options or our competitive pricing. You can rest assured that any repair job SLB Pipe Solutions undertakes will be done with the utmost professionalism. Our technicians can be trusted to leave every customer completely satisfied with their repair. If you have any pipe related problems that we can help solve, then don't hesitate to call us today for a free estimate or message us to see how SLB Pipe Solutions is the best team for any job. SLB Pipe Solutions also serves the following locations:

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If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency plumbing.

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