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CIPP Pipe Lining Bedford, IN

CIPP Pipe Lining & Relining in Bedford, IN

When it comes to taking care of the pipes that make up the sewer system in the home or business, it’s best to have a reliable pipe lining company in Bedford, IN that will know what to do. SLB Pipe Solutions is the team to call on to do the job because we not only have great service but also do it using the latest in trenchless technology to handle sewer pipe lining in Bedford, IN, and the surrounding areas. Homeowners and commercial property owners all rely on our experts with real knowledge on how to solve the most common problems that take place concerning the sewer pipes.

What is CIPP Pipe Lining

CIPP is known as Cured-In-Place Pipe which is a trenchless alternative to repairing the existing pipeline that has been damaged. It’s both seamless and jointless inside of the damaged pipe. How it works is quite simple. When relining the pipe, a textile liner tube along with a liquid resin starts the process known as the wet-out stage. This involves putting the resin mixture with a hardening base inside of the textile liner. Next, using trenchless technology and air pressure, the liner is then placed inside of the pipe. After that, the resin will then be outside of the liner and against the wall of the existing pipe. Once that happens a calibration tube is then placed inside of the liner to be cured with steam or hot water. This is what causes the resin to harden into a smooth fitted pipe inside of the damaged one. Our company will do CIPP pipe lining in Bedford, IN if we find that to be necessary in order to get the piping network back to functioning as it should. Cast iron pipe lining is done using the same methods and popular because it will last close to 100 years.

Advantages and Benefits of CIPP Lining

One advantage of using our pipe lining company is that we use trenchless methods that are environmentally friendly and won’t tear up the yard or landscaping. Our customers will be pleased to know that this saves money for them. Plus, we use good quality high-grade materials so that our work lasts for a long time. If the customer prefers an excavation, our company will perform one. Also, we use sewer cameras to detect where the problem is located so that it can be taken care of with accuracy. We don’t want to perform any unnecessary work which makes us a company that’s honest and upfront about the process of how we do the work.

Other Services

We do offer other services aside from trenchless pipe linings. Our customers are welcomed to take advantage of what we have to offer in order to keep their plumbing intact. After all, we do consider ourselves to be a full-service plumbing company. The services we offer do include:

Contact Our Pipe Lining Company in Bedford, IN

Reach out to our team today to handle all of your damaged pipe needs. Whether it’s cast iron pipe lining to fix your sewer pipes or having a camera inspection done to see if any problems exist, just know that we will give you a fair price. Our goal is to get your system back to normal. Call us today or fill out the contact form on this site to schedule an appointment. We also serve:

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If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency plumbing.

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