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Sewer Inspections Before and After Repairs

When you need a sewer camera inspection in Indianapolis, IN, SLB Pipe Solutions is the right choice. We recommend inspections before and after a sewer repair because it allows us to pinpoint the problem and propose the right solution. Here are some benefits of before-and-after sewer line inspections.

Save Money

A pipe inspection before we perform a repair can save you money. Instead of digging up your whole yard, we can just create an access hole in the area of the problem. Most sewer line repairs can be done with a trenchless method that has lower labor costs.

Find the Problem

When we use a camera for your drain inspection, this allows us to know where the problem is. Instead of accessing more than one spot in your yard or drilling more than one hole in your home's walls to find the affected area of pipe, we send the camera through the plumbing system. This saves us time and ensures that your repair is completed in a timely manner.

Use the Correct Repair Technique

With a camera plumbing inspection before the repair, we can identify the cause of the problem. This allows us to use the correct repair technique. For example, a clog caused by tree roots in your sewer line benefits from hydro jetting. However, a sewer backup caused by a collapsed pipe will need a different type of sewer repair or even a sewer line replacement.

Make Sure the Work Is Complete

Our sewer inspection assures you that the repair was a success. We use the camera to make sure an epoxy lining has cured. We also use the camera to verify that we removed the entire obstruction from your sewer line.

SLB Pipe Solutions is the trusted provider of sewer inspection services. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment with our team.

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