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What Makes Pipe Lining an Eco-Friendly Solution

Pipe lining

With people being more concerned about the environment, eco-friendly applies to almost every facet of life, from clothes to food to furniture. However, most people do not realize that their plumbing and sewer systems can also impact the environment. Traditional sewer repair involves digging up landscaping and the use of various machinery that can be harmful to the environment.

In comparison, CIPP pipe lining in Bloomington, IN, makes use of trenchless technology to repair pipes without excavating your lawn or negatively affecting the environment. SLB Pipe Solutions discusses more below:

It Creates Zero Waste

Trenchless pipe lining does not involve the removal and disposal of old pipes that could be harmful to the environment. In fact, our pipe lining company reinforces and strengthens the damaged pipe using an epoxy-filled liner. The resin usually leaves your pipes stronger than they were because they are cured within the damaged pipe. This also effectively seals any existing cracks or leaks.

Zero Carbon Emissions

The manufacturing process of epoxy lining is a green process that does not create carbon emissions responsible for the greenhouse effect. Epoxy linings are also environmentally-friendly post-manufacture, making them an eco-friendly sewer pipe lining solution from manufacture to usage.

It Requires No Digging

Trenchless plumbing techniques allow professionals to use high-definition cameras to inspect pipes from the inside out. The use of trenchless technology eliminates digging, which can destroy your property’s landscaping. HD cameras give clear and detailed footage that helps pinpoint the exact cause and location of a problem within the pipes. With a clear knowledge of the problem, our expert team can come up with the best solution for your problem, be it cast iron pipe lining or a trenchless replacement.

To learn more about the different pipe lining solutions we offer and how you can benefit from them, feel free to contact SLB Pipe Solutions. Schedule an appointment today by calling us or filling out the online form.

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