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How Pipe Lining Works Exactly

How Pipe Lining Works Exactly

Trenchless pipe repair using CIPP pipe lining in Indianapolis, IN, or cured-in-place pipe, starts with a video camera inspection to learn the pipe’s true condition and its length. The next step is cleaning, often with high-pressure hydro jetting that cleans buildup and tree roots.

The actual lining begins with a flexible textile liner, basically, a tube, impregnated with epoxy resin.

To impregnate the liner, trained technicians at SLB Pipe Solutions measure the dry liner to a somewhat longer than the pipe’s length. After evacuating air in the liner and calculating and mixing correct quantities of A and B resin components based on the pipe’s dimensions, our pipe lining company pours the resin mixture into the liner.

Using a roller-based pipe impregnation table, which pinches the liner between rollers, and with the help of a vacuum pump, our restoration specialists pull and press the resin through the entire pipe, coating or impregnating the interior.

After oiling the liner exterior to promote inversion, we will close off one end and reel the liner onto what’s called an inversion drum. Next, we drop the liner’s other open end through the outlet in the drum’s pressurization exterior and fold this open-end back over the outlet and secure it, exposing the liner’s interior.

After connecting the drum's outlet to the old underground pipe, our technicians will seal and pressurize the inversion drum's housing. Pressurization in the housing pushes against the annular fold in the liner, rolling the reeled liner inside out, or inverting it, along the old sewer line's entire distance and pressing it into any cracks or breaks along the way.

The inversion process exposes the interior resin, which firmly bonds the liner to the pipe. Sewer pipe lining allows us to provide clients with a fully functional pipe without having to deal with extensive digging.

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