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Why We Use Hydro Jetting to Clean Pipes

SLB Pipe Solutions provides hydro jetting in Bedford, IN that effectively cleans your drains and provides lasting results. While there are several available options for clearing your home’s drains, hydro jetting is a non-toxic method that uses high-pressure water rather than harsh tools or dangerous chemicals. Here’s why we prefer hydro jetting when it comes to pipe cleaning:

A Thorough Cleaning

Pipe jetting in Bedford, IN cleans your pipes quickly and thoroughly. While tools such as a snake are only able to poke a hole into clogs in order to allow the water to flow through, hydro jetting completely cleans the pipe. It removes build-up on the pipe walls, creating a smooth surface that remains clog-free longer.

Less Invasive

Traditional drain cleaning methods required lots of digging on your property. This costs you time and money. The additional labor needed for the digging runs up your repair bill, and you are left with the job of restoring your lawn and landscaping afterward. Our sewer jetting in Bedford, IN uses one convenient access point. From this opening, we can completely clean the entire system without disturbing your lawn or flower beds.

Safe and Effective

In addition to providing you with a thorough cleaning, hydro jetting is safe. Because water pressure is used instead of harsh tools, there is less risk of damaging the pipe walls. It also eliminates the need of chemical drain cleaners that can be harmful to the environment. This method is one of the few effective solutions to tree invasions in your plumbing system. Hydro jetting roots in Bedford, IN is a safe and efficient way of clearing blockages in your system caused by tree roots. Otherwise, we’d have to dig a trench and cut off the tree root.

SLB Pipe Solutions’ hydro jetting services in Bedford, IN can clear your drains so that you can once again enjoy free-flowing drains that won't clog or backup. Affordable and effective, hydro jetting provides lasting results you can count on. Contact us today.

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