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Why Realtors Should Consider Sewer Inspections

Why Realtors Should Consider Sewer Inspections

Before closing a deal, realtors engage inspection firms to conduct the required home assessments. Although pipe inspection is a normal stage of the process, sewer lines are typically not included.

At SLBPipeSolutions, we encourage realtors to get a thorough sewer inspection before each property sale because they have several benefits.

Examine for Possible Tree Root Invasion

Some homes have mature trees in their surroundings. A thorough sewer inspection will guarantee no tree roots have infiltrated and damaged the sewer lines. If we encounter any root matter in the pipes, we will suggest a drain cleaning and pipe lining procedure to prevent the issue from repeating. As a result, the purchaser of the property will not have to struggle with sewer clogs, slow drains, or other unforeseen issues that can lead to emergencies.

Assist Clients to Make Proper Decisions

For a building constructed before 1970, sewer camera inspection in Carmel, IN, is crucial. This is because cast iron or clay pipes are probably still being used. Even though these pipes were designed to endure, recurrent blockages and uneven soil may compromise their structural stability. The pipes could also be approaching the end of their shelf lives, requiring a total pipe overhaul.

Better Negotiable Prices

A normal plumbing inspection will check for any visible leaks, run the water through the fittings and assess the water pressure. But because they will not be staying at the house for long, a clogged or damaged sewer line may go undetected. Having a sewer inspection will help bargain repair costs if required.

Real estate agents are encouraged to have a proper sewage and drain inspection with each sales prospect. Doing so reduces the likelihood of clients returning with complaints later.

SLBPipeSolutions is the leading name for quality sewer inspections in the area. You can count on us for thorough services every time. Contact us today to know more and to book an appointment for our services!

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