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When Is Trenchless Not Ideal?

A pipe inspection in Carmel, IN performed by the trained team at SLB Pipe Solutions is one of the ways to find out if trenchless techniques are appropriate for your situation. While many homeowners can benefit from minimally invasive methods, there are times when trenchless is not ideal, which is what's discussed below.

The Pipe Has Collapsed

If results from a drain inspection in Carmel, IN show your pipe has collapsed, trenchless is not ideal. This is because a pipe needs to be intact in order to support the pipe liner that's inserted to place the epoxy resin material along the pipe's walls. If all or part of a pipe has collapsed, the liner cannot be inserted.

The Affected Pipe Is Old and Worn

Just because a sewer camera inspection in Carmel, IN shows a pipe is intact doesn't mean it's an ideal candidate for trenchless methods. For instance, it may be better to have an older and less stable pipe entirely replaced with traditional techniques because of the risk of future issues. It can also be problematic if an older pipe has defects in multiple areas that may not be easily corrected with trenchless methods.

You're Not a Fan of Pipe Bursting

Even if a sewer inspection in Carmel, IN shows that pipe lining isn't possible, another trenchless technique called pipe bursting may be suggested. It involves breaking up and pushing down the old pipe and inserting a new pipe where the old one was. However, some homeowners prefer not to have this done as the process requires bypassing existing flows in the pipe. If this is the case for you, then trenchless would not be ideal.

Get the Details You Need Today

Find out for sure if trenchless is an option for you by scheduling a sewer camera inspection in Carmel, IN with SLB Pipe Solutions. Even if trenchless turns out not to be ideal, we'll recommend an appropriate solution that's as cost-effective as possible.

Contact us today to get started with a plumbing inspection in Carmel, IN.

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