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When is Pipe Replacement Necessary?

Many people feel worried when they notice plumbing problems like weakened water pressure, backups, and leaks because they don't want to go through a stressful ordeal of having their pipes replaced. Traditional methods of replacing pipes were admittedly stressful, but today's technology offers less expensive and less invasive solutions. SLB Pipe Solutions can create a pipe within the pipe as a way of repairing or replacing it — a service called "trenchless pipe repair." We provide trenchless pipe repair in Indianapolis, IN as well as trenchless pipe replacement. How do you know when pipe replacement is necessary?

Extensive Corrosion

A warning sign that your pipes are extensively corroded is rust-colored water. You might also see rust flakes in the water or taste metal when you try drinking the water. It's not safe to drink water from extensively corroded pipes, so contact us for trenchless pipe repair in Indianapolis, IN. We'll inspect your pipes and let you know whether you should choose repair or replacement. Usually, replacement is needed when your pipes have these symptoms since extensively corroded pipes are beyond repair. If there's only minor corrosion, repair might be an option.

Excessive Wear and Tear

How do you know when your pipes have suffered excessive wear and tear? You can contact us for an inspection of your pipes. We are able to determine when they were made and how worn they are. Don't put off trenchless sewer repair in Indianapolis, IN like some people do. Your pipes will need to be replaced sooner when you don't address problems promptly. When pipes are taken care of, they last a long time. Trenchless sewer repair is a fast, simple process that doesn't tear up your yard.

Old Age

You'll need trenchless sewer replacement in Indianapolis, IN once your pipes are old to prevent serious problems from occurring. When you delay replacing old sewer lines, you may one day have septic waste in your yard, sewer leaks, plumbing backups, or other stressful problems. Clay pipes last around 50 years. PVC pipes can 100 years or longer. If you don't know what your pipes are made of, we can inspect them and let you know. We'll also give you an estimate of how many more years of use you'll get out of them.

If you suspect your pipes need to be replaced, always have SLB Pipe Solutions inspect them before you commit to paying for a replacement. It's possible they may just need repair. We are a reputable company offering trenchless pipe replacement and trenchless pipe lining in Indianapolis, IN. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form.

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