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When is CIPP Lining Applicable?

When is CIPP Lining Applicable?

CIPP lining is the process of installing a new liner inside an existing pipe that is damaged. It is essentially the creation of a new pipe within an old pipe, and it is done without having to break the ground to access damaged sections.

From SLB Pipe Solutions, the top pipe lining company in Bedford, IN, these are the instances when CIPP pipe lining is the best option!

When the Pipe is Damaged

The lining in your pipe can get damaged over time by corrosion, root intrusion, or excessively heavy loads. This can lead to reduced water pressure and clogs. Sewer pipe lining will protect the interior of the piping and restore its integrity, effectively improving its performance.

When Water Pressure Problems Arise

Decreased water pressure can wreak havoc on the plumbing system as well as water-run appliances. The restricted flow through the piping reduces the amount of water passing through your house, resulting in a pressure drop. In such cases, you should call an expert to perform CIPP lining. Doing so will enhance their performance while improving water pressure through your home.

When You Want to Renovate

Renovating an old house sometimes requires tearing down walls and breaking up floors, which can lead to serious damage to pipe lines. If your pipelines are damaged during renovations, you can have them promptly repaired through CIPP lining. As for older pipes that utilize cast iron, you can opt for cast iron pipe lining. This process is faster, more convenient, and much more affordable in the long run than traditional pipe repair methods.


If your pipelines are damaged, clogged, or you want to re-install new pipelines in your home, CIPP lining is the right choice. You can turn to SLB Pipe Solutions for quality CIPP pipe lining in Bedford, IN. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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