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When Is Cast Iron Pipe Lining the Best Option?

SLB Pipe Solutions can help you with CIPP pipe lining in Bedford, IN. Cast iron, cured in place pipe lining is a modern solution to pipe replacement that is affordable and non-invasive. It works by inserting a fabric tube saturated in a self-hardening solution into damaged pipes. Once in place, it hardens and creates a leak-proof lining. There are many times that it is the best option for repairing damaged pipes.

When Digging Isn’t an Option

We use a trenchless method when inserting sewer pipe lining in Bedford, IN. We only need one access point. This means that there is no damage to your floors, lawn, landscaping, or driveway. It keeps the area around your home safe for visitors, children, and pets as there are no large holes to worry about during the process.

When Looking for an Affordable Option

Replacing the sewer line is something no homeowner wants to face unless it is absolutely necessary. Locating the existing pipe, digging a trench to reach it, and physically laying in the new pipe requires plenty of labor. All of this additional work adds up to expensive labor costs. Our pipe lining in Bedford, IN, eliminates the extra hours and number of workers needed. The result is a more affordable option for you.

When You Want Quality Results

Our cast iron pipe lining company in Bedford, IN, provides you with quality work that lasts. The liner used in this process can last for 50 years. It completely covers any broken areas or cracks in the pipe while eliminating leaks.

Cast iron pipe lining can be used in almost any type of pipe, including concrete and clay as well as cast iron. Contact SLB Pipe Solutions for help with all of your cast iron pipe lining in Bedford, IN. Feel free to call us or fill out the form on this website today.

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