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Understanding the CIPP Lining Process

CIPP Lining

When you notice signs that your pipes are damaged or leaking, it’s important to call for repairs right away. Water damage can be costly and extensive to repair, and delaying repairs will only allow the problem to worsen. At SLB Pipe Solution, we offer CIPP pipe lining in Bloomington, IN, a trenchless method of repair that allows for efficient and lasting solutions.

With CIPP, a resin-impregnated tube is inserted into a damaged pipe and then left to cure. This method of pipe lining leaves you with like-new pipes. We detail our repair process below:

Clean the Pipe

Our pipe lining company widely uses the CIPP method in trenchless restoration because it can be used to repair and replace different pipes without digging. The new lining surrounds the old pipe; thus, any dirt and debris must be removed to enable proper fitting on the walls. This is why we begin every repair process with hydro jetting.

Reroute the Flow of Water

The pipe must be dry before the CIPP liner can be installed. It's achieved by creating temporary bypass pumping operations in various situations. To avoid flooding the repair area, the flow must be redirected by pumping it to the surface.

Install the Liner

CIPP liners are put through inversion or pull-in-place. For inversion, the resin-impregnated tube is put into machinery that employs air or water force to complete the pipeline. Pull-in-place liners are drawn towards the end access rather than inverted.

Cure the Resin and Reconnect the Pipes

Once connected, heat or UV rays cure the resin to make a hard pipe. After the pipe is strengthened, lateral joints can be reconnected.

Check the Quality

When the repairs are completed, our technicians will inspect the pipe to ensure that the resin has fully cured and that there are no problems within the surrounding pipes. We also do quality checks after cast iron pipe lining and our other trenchless lining solutions.

You can count on SLB Pipe Solutions for quality sewer pipe lining and repair services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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