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The Trenchless Pipe Lining Repair Process

In the past, repairing a pipe meant several days of digging, mess, and inconvenience, not to mention the major expense. At SLB Pipe Solutions, we have put the past behind us. When you call us for trenchless pipe repair in Carmel, IN, there's no digging, no mess, no inconvenience, and the cost is much less than you might expect.

How are Trenchless Solutions Different

Trenchless pipe lining in Carmel, IN requires no excavation, which means no destruction of flowerbeds, floors, walls, or driveways, and no muddy mess around your home or business. In order to provide our team with the information they need to complete your repair, we always begin with a camera inspection. 

Our camera is inserted through an access port and moved through the pipe on a tractor. The 360-degree rotation and zoom capabilities enable our tech to determine the exact location of the repair. We can carefully examine the extent of the damage and then recommend either trenchless pipe repair or trenchless pipe replacement in Carmel, IN.

The Trenchless Repair Process

If your pipe’s damage is only minor, our team will perform trenchless sewer repair in Carmel, IN. To prepare the interior of the pipe for the epoxy resin, we first perform a thorough pipe cleaning. Through an access portal, a multidirectional high-pressure nozzle is introduced into the pipe and hydro jetting is performed. This removes dirt, debris, and tree roots, and cleans the inside of the pipe so the resin can adhere properly.

The pipelining process itself actually creates a new pipe within the existing pipe. A felt liner is impregnated with epoxy and put into place in the area that requires repair. First air and then hot water is used to expand the liner so it perfectly matches the contours of the pipe. The epoxy resin is allowed to cure, which is accelerated with the use of hot water, and the felt liner is removed. The pipe is then inspected a second time to ensure a complete repair.

Your Trenchless Options

In the event that pipelining is not a practical solution for your situation, we would recommend trenchless sewer replacement in Carmel, IN is also available. Again, this method requires no excavation and is a much more cost-effective option than old-school excavation and replacement.

If you are a business or homeowner in need of trenchless solutions look no further than SLB Pipe Solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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