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The Process of Sewer Camera Inspection

If you need your sewer line cleaned out once a year, you may have tree roots feeding on the nutrients they find inside the clay pipe. Should the line need to be cleaned out once a month, there may be something else going on. Before you spend a great deal of money getting the line dug up, a sewer camera inspection from SLB Pipe Solutions can save a great deal of destruction and help you pinpoint the problem.

It's a Diagnostic

Sewer lines are exposed to a great deal of pressure and damage over time. Tree roots are a big problem, but so are line breaks due to soil shifts. Your line may have a serious blockage from grease or trash. Finally, if the land has been exposed to flooding or severe drought, any shifting of the soil may have created a sag in the line where blocking material can collect. A sewer camera inspection in Indianapolis, IN, can help you determine the next step forward.

Clay Pipes Break Down

Over time, clay sewer pipes succumb to water and pressure. A pipe inspection in Indianapolis IN is the best way to determine what is causing the blockage and what needs to be done. If tree roots are just beginning to cause problems, you can treat the drain to kill off the roots. If the line is completely invaded, you may need a new line or a trenchless replacement.

We Work from the House Out

Figuring out the problem starts at the house. You'll need a thorough drain inspection in Indianapolis, IN, to make sure the line leaving the house is running clear. A thorough plumbing inspection in Indianapolis, IN, will be necessary to make sure that whatever repairs we do, your dollars are spent wisely to repair the problem.

You Have Options

Once the sewer inspection in Indianapolis IN is complete, you'll have a better idea of the repairs that need to be done and the best way to move forward. Thanks to technological advancements such as sewer camera inspection, you will have the necessary data to make the best decision. Contact us today for a full evaluation of your sewer line today.


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