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How to Take Care of Your Tree Root Invasion with SLB

Tree roots are notoriously opportunistic when it comes to utilizing sources for their water. In fact, they can be parasitic and even harmful to your pipelines. The best way to take care of tree root invasion is to be aware of various negative symptoms that are commonly caused by tree roots that snake towards your plumbing. Here are a few ways to assess whether or not you have a tree root invasion. If you have any questions or concerns that are unlisted in this posting, call our 247 plumbing service line to speak with an agent.

A Single Tree in your Lawn Outshines Others

If you notice that a single tree in your yard is doing significantly better than surrounding trees, there is a chance that its roots have won a race to an underground pipe with a leak. Roots will gradually reach a leak, and burrow deep within your pipe systems, causing frequent clogs and low water pressure in your home.

Drains are Slow

Slow drains and gurgly noises could be the result of a clog, but if they continue despite visits from a plumbing technician, the problem could be stemming from tree roots disrupting your pipe system. Drains may also make some gurgling noises as air may be entering your pipe from the outside and deep within the ground.

Sinkholes in the Lawn

Sinkholes in your lawn are large, soft bits of land that are located near your pipeline. They appear when pipe damage has occurred from tree roots breaking a line, or when your pipe has sprung a significant leak. Each of these conditions attracts more root life to the area, but they can also be dangerous to the environment. Stay away from sinkholes if you notice them in your lawn, and be sure to call one of our technicians immediately.

Know Your Appliances

Simple awareness in knowing how your appliances run and sound when they are at their best can help diagnose any plumbing situation before it worsens. Listen to the noises of your home, just as you listen to the startup of your car. If you notice anything obtuse, or just want a tuneup to form a healthy stasis, call our plumbers at SLB Pipe Solutions today to schedule an inspection.

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