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Pipe Relining Vs Replacement: What's The Difference?

Cracked and damaged pipe

CIPP pipe lining in Bloomington, IN is a relatively new solution for dealing old and damaged pipes. Despite being newer, this trenchless method is rapidly becoming the popular choice among homeowners because it can be finished much quicker, has lower maintenance costs, and yields safer pipeline operations. That said, pipe lining isn’t always applicable for your current situation. SLB Pipe Solutions discusses the factors to consider when selecting a solution below:

Circumstances to Consider

Cast iron pipe lining may be an excellent solution if you live in an urban area or if you need to avoid digging up streets and walkways. This method can help save money and minimize waste. Pipe lining is also ideal for pipes that are still structurally sound and not significantly damaged.

Meanwhile, we recommend a full replacement if the nearby pipes are old, damaged, or not structurally sound. This is because repairing them will only lead to more problems later on. A replacement is a much more lasting solution.

Differences in The Construction Process

Pipe replacement always requires complete removal of the pipe before construction can begin. Usually, pipe replacement requires the use of large machinery to remove a pipe from a ground or wall opening. With pipe lining, there is no digging involved since we do not have to remove the damaged pipe to restore your sewer system. Instead, an epoxy-filled liner is inserted into the damaged section of pipe through existing exit and entry points in your system. This is then left to harden and cure, effectively sealing any cracks or leaks.

The Environmental Impact

Sewer pipe lining is more environmentally friendly because it is less disruptive. In comparison, traditional replacement requires lots of heavy machinery to complete, which can damage the existing landscaping.

SLB pipe Solutions is a leading pipe lining company that offers quality pipe solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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