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How Tree Roots Damage Your Sewer and Drain Pipes

Do you have an amazing tree growing on your Indianapolis property? It is grand, old, and part of your view. This tree has many attributes, but it may also have one hidden problem when it comes to your pipes. Trees, especially stately ones, have very wide root systems. Those roots could cause a wide array of problems with your sewer and drain pipes. Reach out to us here at SLB Pipe Solutions today, and let us make sure your pipes are clear of roots.

Why Would Roots be in Your Sewer and Drain Pipes?

A tree is a living organism that needs a lot of water to grow properly. This means the tree is going to send out a lot of roots in search of a regular water source. The bigger the tree, the wider the spread of the roots. When roots come in contact with a pipe that often has water in it, the roots try and make their way in. Once a tree root is in a sewer or drain pipe, it drinks up every bit of water it can, which causes it to grow. Plus, the tree starts to get the nutrients from that root, so it sends more roots. Before you know it, the pipe is full of nothing but roots, which means anything that is supposed to go down your pipes, now backs up onto your Indiana property.

How Do You Remove Roots from Your Indianapolis Pipes?

When you have had a sewer camera inspection and you know that roots are the problem, we then have to go through and do a thorough pipe and drain cleaning. We can get roots out of your pipes with the help of a camera and some pressurized water. If you have regular root problems, we can also reline your pipe to ensure that roots are not able to get in again in the future.

Contact SLB Pipe Solutions to Protect Your Pipes

When you call in the pros here at SLB Pipe Solutions, we can come out, inspect the situation, and give you a diagnosis. Plus, we can also help you figure out the best possible treatment. Reach out to us here, and let us help you keep your sewer and drain pipes clean and running as they should. Roots do not need to cause you long-term plumbing problems. We can help treat them and make them go away!

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