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How Hydro Jetting Helps With Tree Roots in Your Pipes

How Hydro Jetting Helps With Tree Roots in Your Pipes

Have you recently experienced reduced water pressure, gurgling drain sounds, unpleasant odor, or expensive water bills? If your answer is yes, your pipes might be affected by tree root intrusion. The best way to avoid this, and the damage it brings, is by carrying out proper landscaping. Unfortunately, the time you're googling this, it's already too late.

Not to worry, though! SLB Pipe Solutions has you covered.

As the premier provider of hydro jetting in Carmel, IN, we can make sure your pipes are free from the threat of tree root invasion.

What is Hydro Jetting?

It is a non-invasive plumbing technology that successfully removes obstructions from pipes without causing any damage. Hydro jetting services include the use of high-pressure water jets that may operate between 4,000 and 60,000 psi, depending on the severity of the task at hand.

How Do We Do It?

To determine the root cause of your drainage problems, our experts use high-resolution cameras to inspect the inner surfaces of your pipes. This method is preferred over traditional excavation to visually inspect the pipes since your lawn would be left intact. Should tree roots prove to be the main cause, we proceed to pipe jetting, where a specialized tool is used to create a calibrated water jet. These jets form a high-pressure water flow that sprays in every direction and is incredibly strong. For most tree roots, a pressure of 4000psi is more than enough for effective removal.

As SLB Pipe Solutions, we believe that hydro jetting roots is one of the best ways to eliminate the ill effects of tree root invasion. Its benefits include cost-effectiveness, longer-lasting results, higher efficiency, and decreased risk of damage. We highly recommend sewer jetting should you suspect tree root intrusion. Contact us today by calling or filling out our contact form. It’s our mission to provide quality pipe solutions.

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