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Avoiding and Managing a Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots can cause severe damage to your sewer system. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can avoid and manage tree root invasions. Knowing how to properly plan your landscaping, along with knowing the warning signs to watch for, can help you avoid tree root problems, but if an issue does arrive, SLB Pipe Solutions can help by providing pipe jetting in Bloomington, IN, that will clear tree roots from your pipes.

The Damage

Tree roots can cause extensive damage to your sewer system. Trees need water. Their roots are strong and can work their way into your pipes in search of the hydration they need. Know the signs of tree root damage. These include the following.

  • Frequent Clogs
  • Slow Drains
  • Gurgling Toilets
  • Sinkholes in Your Yard

If you notice any of these, we can use techniques such as sewer jetting in Bloomington, IN, to clear your pipes quickly and efficiently.


The best way to avoid tree root damage is to carefully plan your landscaping. Don’t place trees or large shrubs near your water lines. If you do, consider wood or metal barriers to hold the roots back. Growth inhibitors can also be used. This will help you avoid the need for hydro jetting in Bloomington, IN.


Once tree roots invade your pipes, you can count on our hydro jetting services in Bloomington, IN. We use high pressure water to destroy and remove the roots that are blocking the pipes. Along with removing the roots, this process rejuvenates your water pipes by eliminating any build-up.

SLB Pipe Solutions can keep your sewer system performing at its best by hydro jetting roots in Bloomington, IN. If you suspect a tree root invasion at your home, call us today or fill out the online form.

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