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Sewage Backup

Sewage Backup in Indianapolis, IN, and Surrounding Areas

At SLB Pipe Solutions, we have experience in a number of sewer inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement services. Invasive tree roots, debris, and foreign objects can cause plumbing blockages that can quickly disrupt your home or business. How plumbing works tends to be an afterthought for many. Paying attention to warning signs that your sewer system needs to be serviced will help prevent the need for major repairs. The professional team at SLB Pipe Solutions uses advanced equipment and technology to repair sewage backups in and around Indianapolis.

Signs Of Sewage Backup

Just because you don’t see the sewage problem, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Odors and a change in how your plumbing flows can indicate a problem in your pipes. Look out for:

  • Pooling water near floor drains
  • Toilet water gurgles when sink is used
  • Sewage odor escapes from drains
  • Slow-releasing drain in shower, sink or toilet
  • Multiple drains backup simultaneously
  • Toilet makes gurgling sounds when flushed.

Main Line Sewer Backups

Sewage backups in the main line can create more issues than a single clogged pipe. The experienced technicians with SLB will evaluate your problem with a thorough sewer camera inspection to determine if you’re facing a main line sewer backup. A blockage in the main line typically causes several plumbing problems at once. A camera inspection utilizes advanced camera equipment to view the inside of your pipes. Our team will locate the blockage, determine the cause, and offer solutions to the sewage backup.

What Causes A Sewer Backup?

Blockages in the main sewer line can cause severe problems. Waste can escape from city drains, sewage can seep through drains in your business or home, and health risks inherently come with spilled sewage.

Some of the most common reasons for sewage backup include:

  • Sewer Blockages: The city is responsible for the main sewer lines beneath the streets, but connecting lines that feed your home or business are likely your responsibility. Invasive tree roots, foreign objects, and a lack of preventative maintenance can all create sewer blockages.

  • Stormwater Flooding: Heavy rain or flash flooding can overwhelm nearby sewage systems, making it difficult for waste to leave your home or business. Sewage backups can occur if the stormwater has nowhere to go.

  • Broken Sewer Lines: Age and advanced corrosion can cause breaks in your sewer line. Sewer line maintenance typically isn’t considered until there’s a problem, which means a broken sewer line has the potential to cause severe damage. In addition to an aging system, broken pipes can also be caused by shifting soil, nearby construction, or tree root invasion. Toxic waste and gases from a broken sewer line can quickly fill a business or home. Make it a priority to have your sewer line inspected regularly.

Sewage backups may not be preventable in every situation, but routine plumbing maintenance and camera inspections can help detect small issues before they turn into large-scale problems. Our team at SLB Pipe Solutions is available for sewer line inspections and will offer a number of possible solutions for your pipe issues. Contact the SLB team today to schedule your appointment.

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