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Why Sewer Inspection Is a Must When Buying a House

Whether you are buying a new home or an older house, scheduling a sewer camera inspection in Bloomington, IN is a must before making your final decision. While a general house inspection can alert you to problems with the structure of a building, it doesn't always provide a thorough look at the sewer line. You could end up buying a house that will soon be costing you a lot of money for expensive repairs. SLB Pipe Solutions can inform you of the following potential problems with our inspection services.

Large Tree Roots

If there are large trees on the property, there is a good chance that tree roots could be invading the sewer line. Trees search for water sources, and if your pipes have any cracks or gaps in them, they will spread their roots into the pipe to find the nutrients and moisture they need. Our pipe inspection in Bloomington, IN will find any possible invasions in your system and perform hydro jetting to get rid of the blockage.

Outdated Sewer Line Materials

Our drain inspection in Bloomington, IN can inform you of the materials used in your sewer line. Clay tiles from the 1970s have small gaps that require frequent cleanings. Orangeburg pipes from 1945 to 1972 are made of fiber conduit that is difficult to clean without damaging, and the 1980s PVC pipes are often thin and brittle.

Poor Installation

Our sewer inspection in Bloomington, IN can ensure that your drain pipes are installed correctly, saving you from costly repairs later on. Improperly glued joints and overly compacted soil can cause potential failures in the system and lead to significant damage to your property.

Contact us today for a plumbing inspection in Bloomington, IN before you purchase your next home. SLB Pipe Solutions can help give you the peace of mind that the house you are buying is a worthwhile investment.

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