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When Is the Trenchless Method Ideal?

When a pipe needs professional attention, excavation is what often comes to mind. However, there are times when the right option for you may be trenchless pipe lining in Indianapolis, IN, or other minimally disruption methods available from SLB Pipe Solutions. Keep reading to learn when trenchless methods are ideal.

When the Affected Pipe Is Still Stable

A common approach to trenchless pipe repair involves placing a liner into the affected pipe to apply a new coating. In order for this method to be ideal, the pipe that's damaged or cracked must still be stable. This determination is made with real-time results from a sewer camera inspection.

When There's a Desire to Preserve Your Landscape

As long as conditions are right within the affected pipe, trenchless sewer repair can be an ideal way to preserve your landscape. Because there's no need for heavy equipment or digging to access the pipe, trenchless methods can be done in a way that doesn't affect trees, bushes, flowers, garden paths, or your lawn.

When a Damaged Pipe Can Be Safely Broken Up with Pipe Bursting

We also specialize in the trenchless pipe replacement method known as pipe bursting. It's a minimally invasive solution that involves displacing or breaking up the damaged pipe. As long as there are no nearby underground obstacles, pipe bursting can often be an ideal alternative to excavation.

Contact Our Local Team Today

From no-dig pipe lining to trenchless sewer replacement, we've got all your trenchless needs covered at SLB Pipe Solutions. Should excavation end up being the more appropriate solution, we're equally prepared to do the work in a way that's as efficient and affordable as possible. Contact our team today to find out if trenchless methods are ideal for your situation.

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