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When is Pipe Rehabilitation Necessary

Sewer pipes are located deep underground and are nearly impossible to inspect without the proper equipment, but the team at SLB Pipe Solutions has the skills and the technology that it takes to determine the age and condition of almost any sewer pipe. We’re also pleased to offer minimally invasive trenchless pipe repair and trenchless pipe replacement in Carmel, IN, and beyond, and we’re standing by to provide our expertise if you believe that your sewer pipes are in need of repair.

Before you schedule trenchless pipe repair in Carmel, IN, here are a few considerations.

Determining When Pipe Repair is Necessary

A back-up of sewage into plumbing fixtures is often the first indication of trouble when a sewer line has been damaged. The problem may start out with slow-flowing drains that eventually don’t flow at all, or it may occur suddenly without any prior warning. Sewage can also leak outside of the structure and result in wet spots on the lawn, driveway or road. These and similar problems can be caused by sewer line separation, tree root penetration, excessive settling or pipe obstruction to the extent that trenchless sewer repair in Carmel, IN, is a necessity.

Our Pipe Repair Process

Our team furnishes trenchless pipe lining in Carmel, IN, using techniques that have been proven effective at restoring the functionality of damaged piping without causing unnecessary destruction of grass, hardscaping, and other exterior features. Our methods are also intended to be relatively quick and inexpensive when compared to other sewer repair and replacement strategies.

Contact Our Team for a Sewer Pipe Inspection Today

The experts at SLB Pipe Solutions are ready to examine your property’s pipes to see if they could benefit from trenchless sewer repair or trenchless sewer replacement in Carmel, IN. Call or fill out the form to schedule an appointment with a member of our highly skilled team.

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