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When Is CIPP Ideal?

If you have problems with frequent sewer line back-ups, SLB Pipe Solutions may be able to fix the issue with minimal cost and hassle to you. We’re pleased to offer cured-in-place sewer pipe lining in Bedford, IN, and we’ve seen for ourselves how effective this technique can be. We’re standing by to evaluate the condition of your property’s sewer piping and help you determine if this modern repair method might be right for you.

The Many Applications of CIPP Technology

CIPP pipe lining in Bedford, IN is an excellent option for residential and commercial properties with expensive landscaping that would be difficult to work around or replace. It’s a great way to avoid the challenging task of excavating under roadways and buildings and ideal for areas that are inaccessible to heavy equipment. 

Pipe lining in Bedford, IN, is also a popular choice because it saves time, money, and headaches for property owners. It is simply a cost-effective option for sewer line issues.

The CIPP Lining Process

CIPP lining works best on pipes with diameters that are between two and 18 inches and generally take just a few hours to perform. The pipe is first inspected through an existing clean-out valve and cleared of tree roots and other debris. A new lining is then pulled or pushed through the pipe. 

The lining material starts out soft and pliable, and this allows it to be formed to the pipe’s interior contours. Over a period of about a day, the new liner cures to create a hard new surface inside the pipe. Make sure, however, that this procedure is conducted by a top pipe lining company in Bedford, IN, such as our team.

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When you need cast iron pipe lining in Bedford, IN, or any other CIPP service, turn to the team at SLB Pipe Solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at your location for the day and time that are best for you.

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