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What We Look At During a Sewer Inspection

Whether you have a sewer issue that you just can't pinpoint or are just interested in knowing the condition of your sewer, a sewer inspection in Indianapolis, IN, can provide a thorough examination. A reliable sewer inspection is ensured through the use of a high-resolution camera. At SLB Pipe Solutions, we specialize in sewer camera inspections for homeowners and business owners. When we inspect your sewer, there are a few areas of concern we typically evaluate.

Access Point and Clean Out Hole

Used as an area of entry to the sewer camera inspection in Indianapolis, IN, the access point and clean out hole must be able to be accessed. If there is something wrong with the access point or cleanout hole, our professionals will detect it right away. These areas may be difficult to find initially because grass and soil can cover them up after years of neglect. Professionals who are experienced in these inspections will have some tips and tricks on how to find access points and cleanouts.

Locate Breaks and Cracks

By performing a pipe inspection in Indianapolis, IN, we can determine areas that may be susceptible to leakage or entry for foreign objects. As a system that is responsible for waste disposal, detecting and correcting breaks and cracks is a crucial task.

Review Clogs and Blockages

For homeowners who have water backing up into their sink, tub, or toilet, a drain inspection in Indianapolis, IN, can help detect any clogs and blockages that may be contributing forces.

Extended Components

Aside from the tank itself, our professionals will perform a plumbing inspection in Indianapolis, IN, for clients who wish to do so. Exploring the entire septic system is key to preventive measures.

Contact Us About Sewer Inspections

If you would like more information about sewer inspections offered by SLB Pipe Solutions, call us or fill out the online form. Our professional staff will be waiting to assist you with any questions you might have.

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