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What is CIPP Repair?

Three decades ago, an issue with your sewer line involved an expensive and invasive process of digging a trench around the pipe to replace it. Modern trenchless plumbing, which is sometimes known as "no-dig" plumbing, utilizes several methods to reduce the price and damage. One of those methods is cured-in-place-pipe or CIPP. This has become the popular option for sewer pipe lining in Indianapolis, IN.

SLB Pipe Solutions, the leading pipe lining company in Indianapolis, IN, talks about what you need to know about the process.

Understanding CIPP

Cured-in place pipe lining has become commonly used not just in sewer repair but also by gas and chemical processes that utilize pipes. When these pipes are damaged, a liner containing resin is inserted into the pipe, typically from an upstream access point, with water or air pressure. Once in place, the liner's resin is cured.

These liners can be made from polyester or fiberglass. In the latter example, UV light can cure the resin. After the curing finishes, the liner will create a smooth pipe-within-a-pipe. It's form-fitting and resistant to corrosion without any joints that slightly reduce the diameter of the pipe. If the space between the liner and pipe, known as annular space, large, hydrophilic materials, gaskets, and point repairs at the end of the pipe can be utilized to prevent water from flowing back into the waste stream through the annular space.

The Purpose

Cast iron pipe lining in Indianapolis, IN, can be used to repair sewer mains as well as service laterals, the pipes that transport water sewage between the home and the super main.

While not every sewer issue can be resolved with pipe lining in Indianapolis IN, it's worth considering the process. If you must replace part of the sewer line, another trenchless method known as pipe bursting can replace the problem pipe with just two holes and a bursting cable. Be sure to consult SLB Pipe Solutions to learn which option best suits you.

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