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Top Causes of Clogging

Few problems are more frustrating than a persistently clogged sewer pipe. The experienced professionals at SLB Pipe Solutions are experts when it comes to providing hydro jetting in Indianapolis, IN to deal with this commonly encountered sewer issue, and we offer the following information on the many different factors that can contribute to sewer line clogs.

Accumulated Solid Material

Grease, hair, food bits and discarded paper products are among the most common causes of pipe clogs. Our crew is equipped with up-to-date equipment designed for sewer jetting in Indianapolis, IN that’s capable of scouring away almost any built-up material from inside a sewer line.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of clogged pipes. They are attracted to the moisture and sewage as well as able to get inside of sewer piping through tiny, nearly invisible cracks and openings. Our hydro jetting services in Indianapolis, IN can blast away stubborn roots from all types of sewer line systems without damaging their interior.

Limescale Build-up

Although the situation may take a long time to develop, minerals from hard water can reduce or completely block the flow through a pipe. Regular maintenance and hydro jetting sessions from an experienced team will help to alleviate this matter before it becomes a major problem.

Pipe Settling and Separation

If a pipe settles to the extent that water can no longer flow through it, a back-up will eventually occur. This type of problem usually requires more extensive repair work than simple pipe jetting in Indianapolis, IN.

Whether you need professional services in hydro jetting roots in Indianapolis, IN or removing another type of sewer clog, you can count on our experienced team to deliver exceptional results. We have the proper equipment and training to safely and effectively remove even the most stubborn clogs. Contact SLB Pipe Solutions today for a quote. You may also call our team or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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