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Restoring Your Indianapolis Pipes with Trenchless Services

Do the pipes of your Indianapolis home or business struggle to drain at times? Are they corroded or perhaps even cracked? If so, then you need to make sure that the pipes are cleared out and repaired so that you can use them again. The best option you have is seeking out trenchless repair services, as that leaves your property in tact. No matter what cause of your pipe problems are, we will always provide you with an eco-friendly, affordable, and long-lasting solutions.

Restoring Your Pipes is Easier with Trenchless Repair Services

The best way to restore your pipes is to begin with a sewer camera inspection. This is typically done with a camera that moves through the length of your pipes. There are two distinct fixes that you can use when a pipe is not working, but it depends on the problem you have and the type of pipe in question. For a crack in a straight pipe or one with minimal bends, you can often have the pipe relined and you will be back in business. However, if the pipe has many bends to it or has collapsed entirely, you will need to turn to pipe bursting. Each has their own unique benefits.

The Different Options for Trenchless Pipe Repair

SLB Pipe Solutions is your resource for trenchless solutions. After your inspection, one of the following options will likely be recommended to you based on the findings:

  • Pipe Relining is when we can simply recoat the inside of the existing pipe, using a small tube that is inserted through the old pipe. Once this tube expands, which contains a new epoxy coating, your pipe should last you several decades with normal use.

  • Pipe Bursting, on the other hand, is when we use a new pipe in place of the old one. We have to use two small access holes to repair the current pipe, but again, when all is done, you can expect many decades of use out of the new pipe.

Turn to the Pros for Restoring Your Indianapolis Pipes

If you have an issue with your pipes, make sure you turn to the experienced professionals here at SLB Pipe Solutions. We have served the Indianapolis area for many years and would love to help you, too. Call our team to learn more about trenchless services today.

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