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Pipe Lining Bloomington

If your Bloomington property is in need of pipe repair or replacement, but you are not sure where to begin, our professionals at SLB Pipe Solutions are ready to assist you. Our industry professionals at SLB Pipe Solutions are trenchless pipe repair specialists with years of combined experience. Our team serves Bloomington and the surrounding areas with lasting pipe solutions they can count on. Just contact us today, and let us come out and see what is going on within your sewer and drain system. We can inspect your pipes, give you an accurate diagnosis, and recommend a solution to your pipe problems that best meet your needs.

Reasons Your Bloomington Pipes Need Repair

For cracked or damaged pipes, you will need to have your Bloomington pipes relined. Trenchless pipe lining is the best and most effective way of restoring a troublesome pipe without replacing it all together. If you have a collapsed, a different type of solution would become necessary. However, as long as you still have the basic pipe structure in place, we can take a tube and reline your existing pipe.

For pipe lining, we do not even need to dig a trench across your property to reach the pipe. We can often conduct entire process through a single access point, keeping your Bloomington landscape in pristine condition. The single access point we create is used for the inspection, cleaning, and lining process. Our team can repair clay pipes or cast iron, and your pipes can be anywhere from a mere two inches up to eighteen inches in diameter.

The Pipe Lining Process

The pipe lining process begins by inspecting and cleaning your pipes to make sure they are ready for repair. If your pipes have debris or roots in them, they will be cleared out using hydro jetting technology. Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning process that uses high-pressure water to effectively clear your pipes of debris, scale, buildup, and invasive tree roots.

After the inspection and cleaning process is complete, we coat a liner made of felt with a highly-resilient epoxy mixture, which is then pushed through the pipe to be lined. Once the liner is in place, we leave it there until the epoxy is hard. Once the hardening process is complete, we remove the liner and check the pipe again to ensure the flow of your pipe is restored. Once everything is inspected, your Bloomington pipes will then be fully functional and your pipes will be ready for immediate use.

Turn to the Bloomington Pipe Lining Professionals

When you need to have your residential or commercial pipes lined, it is important you call in professionals who know how to get the job done right the first time. You can call on our experienced team at any time of the day, we know how to get your pipes lined without adding any stress to you, or causing harm to your Bloomington property. Enjoy pipes that you know are going to work and last for several decades by turning to the pros here at SLB Pipe Solutions. Our trenchless pipe lining solutions will get your pipes working in no time, and you can go about living your life without delays.

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