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Leak Detection Bloomington, IN

SLB Pipe Solutions offers practical and eco-friendly services for our customers in the Bloomington area. Our prices are affordable, and our work is considerately designed to work around the needs of our clientele. If you have noticed that faucets, showerheads, or other water-based appliances are leaking even when you shut them off, be sure to contact our staff immediately. We can send an experienced technician over right away to fix the apparent leaks, and to conduct a full leak inspection to discover sneakier ones.

How We Determine When Leak Detection is Necessary

SLB suggests that residents or commercial businesses in Bloomington, Indiana should seek leak detection services after every winter season. In the wintertime, pipes undergo a critical series of temperature changes, while user-demand on water appliances remains the same. When water freezes in pipes, it expands in volume, which puts a great deal of stress on the pipelines. Frozen pipes are a notorious cause for pipe damage, pipe bursts, and pipe leaks. The leaks become noticeable when ice thaws and the leaks begin to flow more freely. If your water bill skyrockets just as the wintertime passes, call us today to find where your pipes have been damaged.

Leak detection could also be necessary if you notice the following:

  • Your water bill has increased significantly, but your water usage has remained stagnant
  • Your water bill has increased significantly in concurrence with a seasonal shift
  • Water appliances are dripping or forming puddles when not in use
  • There are sinkholes in your lawn, or puddles forming by pipelines outside
  • Walls, carpets, or ceilings are molding from water damage, but you are unsure of where it is coming from

How We Professionally Inspect for Leaks in Bloomington

SLB proudly uses the latest trenchless technology to inspect, detect, and diagnose leaks in the Bloomington area. To detect leaks, our team will listen to your concerns and issues, inspect the affected areas, and then conduct further subsurface inspection using trenchless equipment.

Sewer Camera Inspections for Leak Detection

Sewer camera inspections are the most popular trenchless tool that SLB Bloomington uses to diagnose leaks. Sewer cameras are cameras that are built into a cable so they can be snaked into your drains. The camera projects the image of your pipe’s interior on a screen for the technician’s viewing, and from there, the technician can deeply inspect and diagnose the leak problem at hand. Call our technicians today and ask about pipe replacement, pipe repair, or faucet and shower-head repair tips. If you’d like further basic homecare information, see our blog for day-to-day plumbing tips to help keep your year running smoothly.

No action is taken to fix leaks without knowing where they are, and how bad they are. Our technicians never operate blindly and recommend full inspection services to ensure that your time is saved in the long run.

Call SLB in Bloomington, IN for a Leak Detection Today

At SLB Bloomington, we work to keep all our customer’s drain pipes in Southwest Indiana clean of debris and ensure that their pipeline struggles are gone. If you require our assistance, don’t hesitate to call our team of experts today for more information.

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