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How Sewer Camera Inspections Help Simplify Repairs

When you've noticed a problem with your sewer line, you might wonder what the problem is. Different contractors might give you different explanations. The best bet is to go with a sewer camera inspection in Bedford, IN. SLB Pipe Solutions offers thorough sewer camera inspections that you can trust for accurate information.

Find the Reason for the Clog

When you're dealing with a slow drain, sewage backup or foul odors from the sewer clean-out, a pipe inspection is a good decision. The video camera shows what the reason is for the problem. We may recommend different repairs for different problems. For example, tree roots respond well to hydro jetting, but a pipe offset might require a sewer line replacement.

Determine the Location of the Problem

Sometimes, a sewer line crack or offset is hard to find. A plumbing inspection with a high-resolution camera allows us to pinpoint exactly where the problem is. Instead of guessing and digging up your whole yard, we'll know exactly where to access your sewer line and make the repair. This saves you time and money.

Know the Extent of the Issue

You might opt for a repair if the issue with your sewer line is a minor one. However, pipe bursting or a trenchless replacement might be a better option if the problem is extensive. There's no way to know without seeing the whole sewer pipe. A camera sewer inspection allows us to see the extent of the problem and plan a good solution.

SLB Pipe Solutions is the trusted provider of drain inspection services. You can even watch our screen while we perform the video inspection. To learn more about the process and how it simplifies repairs to your sewer line, give us a call or fill out the online form.

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