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How Long Does Pipe Lining Take?

Trenchless pipe repair is one of the fastest, most-effective ways to repair or replace a damaged or broken sewer line. For professionaL sewer pipe repair, you need a pipe lining company in Bedford, IN, that has the experience and skill in the trenchless pipe repair process. At SLB Pipe Solutions, we have the equipment, skills, and expertise to ensure your trenchless pipe repair is done right.

Not all trenchless pipe repair jobs are the same, and the best type for your repair needs will depend on a variety of factors such as the severity of the pipe damage and what type of material the pipe is made of. For instance, damage to a cast-iron pipe would require a cast iron pipe lining for a quality repair. You should only allow a professional to determine the type of repair that suits your needs.

Repair Times for Trenchless Repair

Traditional sewer pipe repair is time-consuming, requires heavy machinery, and needs lots of manpower to dig up and remove the damaged pipe. By using a sewer pipe lining for your sewer repair, technicians can repair a cracked or leaky sewer pipe in two days or less.

Cured in place or CIPP pipe lining is an excellent choice for sewer pipe replacement that is both effective and long-lasting. The CIPP process requires minimal digging and can be completed in a much less time frame than traditional sewer pipe replacement. Our professionals are experts at trenchless pipe repair and replacement and will make sure your sewer line repair job is completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Whether you need regular sewer maintenance, hydro-jetting, or a trenchless sewer line repair or replacement, the professionals at SLB Pipe Solutions are the ones to call for all your sewer repair needs. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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