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Factors That Affect the Cost of Trenchless Pipe Lining

If you’re considering trenchless pipe lining in Bedford, IN and wondering how the costs of the project is calculated, SLB Pipe Solutions shares the different factors that we consider when determining the final cost. Our vast experience includes providing trenchless pipe lining on pipes of all ages and types, and we take the time to consider the following factors when calculating the price for each job that we undertake.

Size and Layout

The length and diameter of the pipe that is being relined dictates the amount of lining material that must be used on the project. The number and location of any angles, bends and connections also play a part in the difficulty of the work when it comes to trenchless sewer repair in Bedford, IN.

Extent of Damage

Before starting any task involving trenchless pipe repair or trenchless pipe replacement in Bedford, IN, our team thoroughly inspects the condition of the pipe and clears away any loose debris. This allows us to see the full extent of the damage on your pipes and determine if spot repairs are appropriate or if complete pipe relining is in order.

Ease of Access

A damaged pipe that’s easy to reach via an existing valve or pipe connection is much easier to repair than one that’s less accessible. A difficult-to-access pipe might still be a good candidate for trenchless pipe repair in Bedford, IN, but we have to take into account the additional work that will be required when we price the job for the client.

When in need of trenchless sewer repair or trenchless sewer replacement in Bedford, IN, contact SLB Pipe Solutions today. We’ll thoroughly assess the damage to your system and offer you the appropriate pricing. Our expert team is equipped with the proper tools and equipment to provide you with quality sewer repair solutions. Call us or fill out the online contact form on this website to schedule an appointment.

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