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Debunking Common Hydro Jetting Myths

Debunking Common Hydro Jetting Myths

When it comes to hydro jetting in Indianapolis, IN, there are still some lingering myths associated with this drain and sewer line cleaning method. So, today SLB Pipe Solutions is taking a moment to debunk some common hydro jetting myths and misconnections. Read on to learn more about this powerful pipe cleaning method.

It's Not Safe

One of the top myths about sewer jetting is it's not safe. While the process does involve highly pressurized water, it's a completely safe technique when professionally done. This is because the pipe is inspected first to determine if it's stable enough for jetting. The cleaning itself is done in a controlled way that's safe and effective. What's more, no harsh chemicals are used, so it's safe for the environment, as well.

It's Only for Tree Roots

Yes, hydro jetting roots are a common reason to use this particular pipe cleaning and clearing method. However, hydro jetting effectively deals with anything else that can clog or block a sewer or drain line, including:

  • Mineral buildup along pipe walls – or "pipe scale"
  • Debris that's further down in pipes and not accessible with other methods
  • Bacteria and other smaller organisms that can contribute to drain odors
  • Corrosive materials and substances sometimes left behind by other cleaning methods

Jetting is also useful for pipe repairs. When pipes are repaired with certain trenchless methods, jetting is typically done to clear away debris and help a newly applied coating adhere better to the inside of the pipe.

It Can Be a DIY Job

Even other cleaning methods like drain snaking can be risky if not professionally done. This is especially true with pipe jetting. It's a more involved process that requires pressurized water that's correctly adjusted and a hose that's properly inserted into the pipe, drain, or sewer line being cleaned. Additionally, it's easier to damage your pipes if jetting isn't done correctly.

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SLB Pipe Solutions is your top source for hydro jetting services in Indianapolis, IN, provided in a way that's good for your budget, pipes, and property. We'll let you know if hydro jetting is the most appropriate cleaning method for your needs. Contact us today for an appointment.

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