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Pipe Corrosion

Pipe Corrosion in Indianapolis, IN, and Surrounding Areas

With use and age, eventual pipe corrosion is inevitable. Corrosion results in deterioration or weakened areas of your pipelines and can cause a variety of plumbing issues. SLB Pipe Solutions uses innovative and industry-leading trenchless technology to inspect your pipes for corrosion and repair them quickly before they cause serious damage to your property.

What Causes Your Pipe to Corrode?

Corrosion is most commonly seen in older plumbing systems that have been used for many years. There are a few additional factors that impact the amount and speed of corrosion on your lines:

  • Water temperature. If the water temperature flowing through your lines is too hot, it may increase the amount of corrosion in your pipes.
  • The speed of the water. High water velocity can speed up corrosion.
  • High calcium levels. If your water is high in calcium, it will cause more buildup to accumulate in your pipes.
  • High oxygen levels. High oxygen levels are shown to degrade metal and cause rust.

Signs of Pipe Corrosion

If you are concerned your pipe is corroding, the following symptoms are clear indicators that it is time to call in an SLB professional:

  • Your water tastes or smells strange. If your water tastes different than usual, it could be due to high oxidation levels.
  • Recurring leaks. When your pipes have corrosion, they are weakened and often result in small cracks or holes in your lines. If you have recurring leaks, it usually means you have a weakened section that needs attention.
  • Discolored water. A clear sign your pipes are corroding is if your water has an unusual tint to it. This often means they are deteriorating and rust is in your water supply.

Solutions to Corroded Pipes

If your pipes are corroded, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need an entirely new system. Our team at SLB Pipe Solutions will use industry-leading trenchless technology to diagnose and repair your pipelines.

In order to find out where corrosion is taking place and to what degree, our team relies on camera inspections to give us the most accurate diagnosis. Our camera inspection process works by inserting a small, water-proof camera into your lines. Our technician will navigate this device throughout your system while video footage is recorded back. This allows us to pinpoint the exact area of corrosion and recommend the best repair option.

Pipe lining Indianapolis, IN is a trenchless method that is especially effective for minor cases of corrosion. Instead of replacing a section of pipe, this method allows us to re-line the damaged area using epoxy resin that we insert into your pipe’s interior. Once this resin cures, you will be left with a durable new lining that is free from corrosion.

If corrosion is severe enough where you need a replacement, pipe bursting allows us to take care of this without digging on your property. This process works by inserting equipment with a bursting head into your pipelines to break away the damaged area and pull in a new section.

Let Us Solve Your Pipe Problems Today

If you are experiencing pipe corrosion on your property, SLB Pipe Solutions is here to give you a repair fast. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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