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Cracked Pipes

Cracked Pipes in Indianapolis, IN, and Surrounding Areas

A cracked pipe was once a plumbing problem that required extensive work, lots of digging, and one hefty bill. SLB Pipe Solutions has the advanced equipment and experienced team to quickly repair your home or business plumbing and make the pipe operational again. With SLB pipe repair service, the traditional pipe repair process is a thing of the past.

A cracked sewer or water line is a task our technicians can handle with speed and efficiency. SLB offers a full range of residential and commercial pipe repair services.

  • Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation: Your cracked pipes can be restored to their original efficiency. With SLB pipe rehabilitation, our technicians avoid extensive digging and need only one access point.
  • Trenchless Pipe Lining: Pipe lining is an effective way to repair your cracked pipe without destroying your yard or home flooring. Our team inserts a felt liner that’s saturated with epoxy and pushed through your pipeline, coating all of the interior walls with the resin. The liner is left in the pipe to allow the epoxy to harden. After the epoxy has hardened, the liner is removed, and the cracked pipe will be repaired.
  • Trenchless Pipe Bursting: For severely cracked pipes, a complete replacement may be necessary. With advanced methods used by SLB technicians, even pipe replacement won’t ruin your lawn. As the bursting head is moved through your pipe, it breaks it up and pushes it into the surrounding soil. A new pipe is left in its place.

Before the SLB team suggests a pipe repair method, we complete a thorough investigation to determine exactly what is causing the issue, where it is located, and the extent of the damage.

Camera Inspection For Cracked Pipes

A sewer camera inspection is the only way to properly assess your pipe problems and viably solve the issue. The SLB team will perform the inspection with advanced camera equipment that offers a live look inside your pipes. By using this method, our team can locate exactly where the crack is located and what may have caused the issue. Whether from age, invasive tree roots, or corrosion, a crack can lead to major ongoing damage if not addressed.

What Causes Cracked Pipes?

A number of elements can lead to cracked pipes. Natural wear and tear from an aging system is the leading cause of cracks, followed by a lack of routine maintenance, invasive tree roots, shifting soil, and ill-advised construction or digging. No matter the cause, a cracked pipe is not a plumbing problem you want to leave unattended. Making the necessary repairs will keep your monthly water bill under control, prevent further damage, and extend the life of your system.

Signs Of Cracked Pipes

While not all cracked pipe issues can be avoided, it’s good to keep an eye out for warning signs that you’re losing water through a damaged pipe. Signs of a cracked pipe include:

  • Sudden increase in water bill
  • Pooling water in yard or home flooring
  • Sound of running water coming from walls when all faucets are off
  • Concentrated growth in one portion of lawn

Routine plumbing maintenance and camera inspections can help detect small issues, like emerging cracks before they turn into large-scale problems.

Our team at SLB Pipe Solutions is available for camera inspections to determine if you’re dealing with a cracked pipe. Contact the SLB team today to schedule your appointment.

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